About Undercover Systems

Serving Colorado for 17 Years

As residents of the gorgeous state of Colorado, we understand the importance of “Outdoor Living” here in the incredible place we live. With so many beautiful days year round, taking advantage of outdoor living space under a deck makes perfect sense. With 17 years in the business, we are familiar with virtually every under-deck ceiling option that is available and what the differences between them are. More than anything, a homeowner should avoid installing a product that is going to shorten the life of their deck. Many products trap humidity, moisture and debris in the cavity between the ceiling and the deck, which is simply an unhealthy environment for the deck structure. The other enormous issue with virtually all other products is the lack of access to the space between the ceiling and the deck. It is inevitable that a homeowner will need to get access to the space between the
ceiling and the deck at some point for additional cleaning, deck inspection or maintenance, retrieve something that may have fallen into the ceiling, or deal with insects that go down between the gaps in the decking. With nearly all products, these issues can only be addressed by removing decking from above or a major removal of the ceiling from the underside. We are proud to sell and install the premier under-deck ceiling that addresses both of these critical issues. Our system will provide a beautiful transformation of the space under their deck without the fear that our product will reduce the life of the deck, and at the same time, our system allows homeowners access to the space between the ceiling and the deck without the enormous hassles of removing decking or removing the entire ceiling.

We specialize in the sale and installation of the Undercover System and do not build/renovate decks or provide other services. The ceiling is installed by our employees, and no subcontractors are used for the installation. The combination of our specially trained installers and the quality of our material allow us to offer a true lifetime warranty.

After 17 years and many hundreds of happy customers, we are confident that the Undercover Systems under-deck ceiling is the best option for taking advantage of the area under your deck to enjoy your Colorado home outdoors.