About Our System

What are the benefits of an underdeck with Undercover Systems?

  • Adds valuable livable space to your outdoor patio
  • Keeps the space under your deck clean and dry to enjoy year-round
  • Each design is customized to your home’s needs and aesthetic
  • Clean and ‘non-commercial look and feel’ is unparalleled in the industry
  • Architecturally recognized for making sure your deck stays healthy, by not bringing any water or debris in direct contact with your deck joists
  • All systems are professionally installed by our team of experts
  • Patented Under-deck Ceiling System does NOT attach to deck joists – no stapling, nailing, or modifying the deck joists
  • Our Clearspan System is engineered, load tested, and installed to withstand any ice or snow accumulation
  • Systems are easy to maintain
  • Each system comes with a lifetime warranty while you own your home

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What is our underdeck design?

The Undercover Systems attaches to the support posts of the deck and allows the space under the deck to be protected from water and debris, keeping it clean and dry. There will be a few inches that will be between the deck and the underdeck design, to allow airflow and helps keep the area dry and prevent moisture from damaging the deck material. A gutter system will be applied and attached, then a seal coat is applied.

Our design is unique. A smooth ‘flat panel’ ceiling design guttering system is attached to the existing or new deck. Each underdeck is uniquely customized for each home. There are never two alike. Our design will be customized to fit your deck exactly.

How does Undercover Systems compare to the competition?

Undercover Systems has the only patented, engineered system. Many competitors that have tried to duplicate our product, but none of them have come close to our design and custom system that we offer. Each and every homeowner will receive our lifetime guarantee. We can offer this guarantee because our state-of-the-art manufacturing provides outstanding quality on each and every system that we provide and produce.

Our system uses hot dipped galvanized steel. This material will not rust and is approved for attachment to decks.

Many of our competitors use vinyl or aluminum in their systems.

Does not hold up well over time. Only minimally effective in for drying the under deck area. This is generally considered a DIY product.

Aluminum is not an approved metal for attachment to under deck areas because of “galvanic reaction” with copper preservative in Pressure Treated wood. Copper will destroy aluminum in a relatively short time

How is it installed?

No part of this system attaches to the underside of the deck. All installation work is done below the existing deck and deck boards. We maintain a 4″ to 7″ space between the bottom of the deck and the top of our ceiling. This assures that this product will not cause any harm to the deck above.

Install Gutters

A structurally engineered load bearing gutter system is attached to to the inside perimeter of the area being covered (the house, and all sides of the deck). Since we don’t attach our system to the floor joists of deck we often must install wood to the sides and front of the deck under the rim joist. This gives us adequate area to attach the gutter system below the existing deck’s floor joists and provides plenty of air flow and ventilation for quick drying.

Seal & Waterproof Gutters

The top edge of the gutter is sealed to ensure no water gets in.

Install Ceiling Panels

Starting at one end, our installers begin placing the interlocking pre-cut ceiling panels on top of the gutter system, one after the other.

Install or Prep for any Optional Accessories

Our team can install or prep for a variety of optional accessories including ceiling fans, porch swings, speakers and more. Items that require electrical wiring will need to be prepped by an electrician.

Clean Up

Installers clean up job site.

Enjoy your beautiful new System!